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Offshore Staffing

What We do

At 90 Degree North , we understand the importance of having a strong IT team in today’s business world. That’s why we offer top-notch IT staffing services that can help you find the right talent for your organization. We offer hassle free and easy way to get started on creating an offshore development center by providing access to a skilled workforce with expertise in cutting-edge technologies for software development. We give you total control over the team at the same time keep you away from logistical hassles. We have experience providing reliable contract staffing services to companies of all sizes & industries, including banking, finance, healthcare, retail, software development and more. Our expertise lies in finding the best talent for each client.

Solutions Offered

Full Stack Developers
WordPress Developers
SAP Consultants
UI Developers (Angular & React)
Backend Developers (Java & PHP)
Mobile App Developers (Native & Hybrid)
Project Planning & Management
Software QA Engineers

Success Story

A recruitment company headquartered in Switzerland was in search of an experienced SAP Consultant for a prominent Fortune 500 pharmaceutical corporation. The consultant’s role involved managing diverse SAP workflow integrations across several global regions. After identifying an ideal candidate for the role, we facilitated a swift onboarding process. The collaboration proved highly successful, leading to a series of subsequent assignments from the same company.

  • Complex Integration Project Management
  • IDoc Message Implementation
    Seamless Data Exchange
  • Specialized IDoc Message Types
  • Middleware Systems Integration
  • Efficient Communication
  • Accurate Delivery Note Generation
  • Expertise in System Landscape Navigation
  • SAP Systems (SAP ERP, SAP S/4HANA, etc.)
  • IDoc (Intermediate Document)
  • IDoc Message Types (ORDERS, DESADV, and INVOIC)
  • Seeburger middleware (B2B and EDI)
  • PI (SAP Process Integration)
  • Custom CIEL Platform

Our SAP Consultant expertly managed a complex integration project across various SAP systems. They employed IDoc messages for smooth order processing, pricing, delivery, and invoicing. This solution facilitated seamless exchange of critical business data like sales orders and pricing details, utilizing specialized IDoc message types like ORDERS, DESADV, and INVOIC. By utilizing middleware systems including Seeburger, PI, and our custom CIEL platform, the consultant ensured efficient communication between SAP systems and external partners. This led to accurate delivery note generation with third-party warehouse prices, showcasing our prowess in navigating intricate system landscapes for streamlined business processes.

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