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MySQL is an open-source Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) that enables users to store, manage, and retrieve structured data efficiently. MySQL is one of the most popular choices for organizations or businesses regarding software as a service.


MySQL is a robust choice for enterprise applications due to its reliability, scalability, performance, security features, and cost-effectiveness. It has a proven history of serving the needs of businesses across various industries and can handle the complex data requirements of modern enterprise applications.

Our areas of expertise in MySQL include

Success story

An Innovative Energy Modelling Consultancy for the AEC Industry, which works to help clients exceed their energy targets while minimizing their capital and operational cost.

  • Tailored Design Variables: A fully personalized approach.
  • Comprehensive Building Load Analysis: In-depth assessment of building loads.
  • Individualized Cost Assessment for Each Variable: Custom cost evaluation for every aspect.
  • Energy & Load Comparison against Benchmarks: Thorough benchmark comparisons of energy and load data.
  • Downloadable Project Report: Accessible project reports for your convenience.
  • Responsive Modern Website
  • REST web services, JSON
  • PHP
  • PHP ML, machine learning library for PHP, for linear regression using the least squares method
  • PHPExcel, PHPMailer libraries
  • Angular
  • Angular Flex Layout
  • RxJS for asynchronous operations
  • MySQL
  • D3.js for dynamic data visualizations
  • WordPress

We developed a web application for the client to help them achieve their energy targets while minimizing their capital and operational cost. We worked very closely with this customer in transforming an idea to a product. This is a Software as a Service application built using PHP web services, MySQL and Angular technologies. It is a very interesting software implementation of a scientific project by Predicting, Processing and Presenting almost a million records.

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