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Java technology stack has wide spread usage across various IT infrastructure components. Some of the prominent areas where Java is widely used is Enterprise Web Portals, external facing Web APIs and Services, Enterprise Application Integration, Service Oriented Architecture. We have built cutting edge technology expertise


Java enables developers to produce feature-rich , secure and robust applications.Java EE reduces enterprise application complexity by offering a runtime environment, API and development model that allows developers to focus on functionality. Since it is platform-independent, it can be used on various platforms without requiring major adjustments.

Our areas of expertise in Java include

Success Story

A New York based software company specializing in enterprise and consumer web-platforms that enable users, in financial services and healthcare sectors, to organize and access important documents for sharing those with family and trusted professionals.

  • Health & Financial data aggregation
  • Information & Document management
  • Secure texting
  • Product development
  • Pilot & Proof-of-Concept developments for potential customers
  • Testing & Production support
  • Enterprise application integration with partners
  • Angular (RxJS Observables, Flex Layout, Media queries, lazy loading
  • WEB 2.0 (Java, Jboss, DHTML, Browser compatibility)
  • SOAP & REST web services, XML, XSLT, Web scraping
  • SAML 2.0 for single sign on
  • Hibernate, MySQL
  • Mobile development for Android and iOS platforms
  • Ethical Hacking fixes (JWT, CSP with Trusted Types & nonce)

We have been working with this client from inception i.e 2006, to create tailored solutions on their information & document platform, using cutting-edge technologies like Angular, JQuery, and REST. This application seamlessly integrated with a leading US bank, empowering a million clients to securely share documents with Financial Advisors. We utilized Angular’s latest features—RxJS observables, Flex Layout, media queries, and lazy loading—to ensure a robust, high-performing app. For security, we employed JWT authentication, ethical hacking fixes, and implemented Content Security Policy, Trusted Types, and a nonce-based approach to minimize XSS risks.

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