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We have been developing various iOS applications for various iOS releases. Various frameworks as well as third party libraries are used to build iOS applications for our customers. We also need to be careful about orientation, resolutions and type of devices to be supported.


iOS app development offers a unique opportunity to create high-quality, innovative applications for Apple devices. The focus on design, user experience, and the App Store’s robust ecosystem make iOS app development an attractive choice for developers looking to create impactful and engaging mobile applications.

Our Areas of Expertise in iOS Include

Success Story

A company based in Paris, France, sought to create a service akin to Uber, but for connecting users with plumbers. We collaborated as their IT partner to draft specification documents, design operational workflows, and outline the technological framework. Our efforts culminated in the creation of a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) called “cyclo.” This comprehensive solution encompassed a cloud-based backend for mobile applications, an administrative dashboard for service management, and dedicated mobile apps tailored for both customers and plumbing service providers.

  • Crafting a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Designing and Developing iOS and Android Mobile Applications
  • Establishing a Cloud-Based Backend System, complete with Web Services and an Administrative Panel
  • Seamlessly Integrating Third-Party Services
  • PHP, Apache Server
  • JQGrid, JQuery
  • Web 2.0, DHTML, CSS, MVC Libraries
  • MySQL
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Chatbot (motion.ai)
  • CRM

Despite their limited technological background, this team displayed a strong eagerness to leverage technology for business creation. Assuming the role of an ideal IT consulting and partnering entity, we formulated specification documents, diverse operational workflows, and engaging UI/UX screens tailored to the client’s needs. Crafting an Uber-like solution for them was a rewarding journey. Moreover, we innovated further by constructing a ChatBot application, which streamlined and automated specific aspects of Level 4 support services.

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